5 Digital Photo Download (Medium Resolution)


FIVE *Medium Resolution* images as a download. Make your own prints 5x7 and smaller. Instantly have five medium resolution digital images as a download sent in a zip file to your email. These files are printable printable up to 5x7 and can easily be shared with social media formats. 

These file sizes are the most versatile files because while they offer a lot of printed product options, the images are not so huge that they take up a ton of storage space on your computer's hard drive, and they are still small enough to upload to websites and social media without running into any issues.  These files are delivered to you unwatermarked with a release for personal use. The print release is available in your signed contract.

FOUR Reasons why you'd want to have the "Medium Resolution" images: 

1. printing 2x3, 4x6 and 5x7

2. albums 6x6” to 8x8"

3. photo keychains, mugs, totes, etc

4. Save the Date cards, Thank You’s, Christmas Cards

**This option is non refundable and subject to sales tax. **

This package contains 5 items:

  • (5x) Single Photo Download (Medium Resolution)
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